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Welcome to Galway Sings Project choir! Thank you for visiting this site. We are a fun choir based in Galway city and the aim of this group is to introduce singers to singing in harmony in a fun environment where no one has to sing on their own. Our music choice is almost fully pop music in nature so you may already know the tunes we will be singing. Currently we are catering for upper voices - so the choir is female based and we sing music in two or three parts (SAA). We are members of SingIreland so check out our blurb at: https://www.singireland.ie/training-membership/directory/county/galway

The music will be all in the popular music realm and this term the theme is Guilty Pleasures. Singers need not know the pieces as we will learn the works from scratch. We will look at pieces from ABBA, The Turtles, Sting, Louis Armstrong, Katy Perry, the musical Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory etc.

How much does it cost?

The class costs €100 per term. The term lasts 12 weeks & this includes 10 or 12 classes & a weekend workshop, details of dates below. The costs include the room hire, membership of Sing Ireland, insurance, the physical materials, online resources and teaching costs. Term 1 runs from September until the end of November and term 2 runs from January until April.


Classes are Thursday evenings from 7.15pm – 8.50pm in the Orbsen Seminar Room at NUI Galway. 

How it works

A typical class starts at 7.15pm. The class starts with a warmup (both physical and vocally) and following this we learn a piece. The class is split into three sections based on your voice type. We have Firsts or Sopranos (high voices), Seconds or Mezzos (middle range voice) and Thirds or Altos (low voices).


Members often self-identify as a range but we can help you figure out which one best suit your own unique voice. The music is chosen so each part gets some melody and harmony at different points. Each member will get a CD with three versions of each piece, an instrumental track, the full version of the piece and a track with their own line being sung. Members get a lyric sheet pack at the beginning of term. Sheet music and full mp3 recordings off all lines are available to members on an assigned dropbox account to which members receive the link to at the beginning of term. We work towards a number of small public performance each term but there is no obligation for members to sing in public – some of our members just prefer to sing in the class!

There is a strong social aspect to the group with members organising coffee evenings prior to choir practice, dinners and parties and the members organise a trip to Clifden in February.

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